When should I book a Physio Appointment?

When should I book a Physio Appointment?

You don’t have to wait for pain and injury before seeing a Physio. Many injuries tend to occur when people ignore a niggle and don’t deal with the discomfort or stiffness straight away. If you ignore an injury, it is possible for it to become chronic. Chronic pain is harder to treat and will take longer to heal, so it is important to get treatment sooner rather than later.

If you get injured while playing sport, it is important to deal with the problem straight away. If you don’t deal with the issue, soft tissue injuries are more likely to recur. Misguided statements such as “I thought I’d let the swelling go down first” or “I thought the pain would eventually go away” can often lead to persistent pain.

When returning to sport after an injury, it is important to gradually build your strength and conditioning. A Physio can help guide you to return to sport safely and avoid further injury.

Prevention is better than cure

You’ve probably heard this a million times. But here it is again! Don’t wait for that niggle of pain or stiffness to turn into debilitating pain and stiffness before paying attention to your health. We are skilled at assessing and targeting deficiencies before they become a major problem.

Invest in your health

We invest in so many other facets of our lives. Don’t forget about your health and mobility. Imagine your body is a vehicle that is made to last a life-time and that you want to keep it in peak condition and performance. Seeing a physiotherapist for regular scheduled maintenance will help you run smoothly and keep you on track.

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