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Are You Thinking About Buying New Shoes For Running Or Sport? Here Is Some Good Advice:

What Shoe Should I Wear?

Are you thinking of picking up a sport or maybe some running? It is really important to consider your footwear. The sport shoe serves as a structural and functional extension of your foot. A poorly chosen shoe can affect your walking/running patterns, which can then lead to injury. The best designed shoes in the world will not do their job if they do not fit properly.

Your foot is designed for stability and shock absorption. The chosen shoe should enhance these qualities. It is also important to know that most people DO NOT have perfect biomechanics! Suboptimal biomechanics can be corrected with the correct footwear.

Avoid foot problems by following these simple guidelines:

  • Have your feet measured to fit instead of going by what ‘size’ you are
  • Although your feet may not smell like roses after a workout, try to visit a shoe store at the end of the workout when your feet are the largest
  • Wear the sock you normally wear when working out
  • There should be at least one thumbs breadth of space from the longest toe to the end of the toe box
  • If you have bunions or hammertoes, your best bet is a wide toe box to let your fore foot breathe

Are you starting to feel some foot or lower limb pain while running or exercising? Book an appointment with a qualified physiotherapist today.