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The complete guide to making a speedy recovery after a work injury

Knowing how long it will take you to recover from a workplace injury is a bit like trying to find out how long a piece of string is!  However, instead of gazing into a crystal ball to see into the future, you can take practical and empowering steps optimise your recovery. With the help of an experienced physiotherapist at Maroubra Road physiotherapy, you will be on your way back to the workplace.


Fast facts on workplace safety

According to data from WorkSafe Australia:


  • The agriculture, forestry and fishing industries have the highest number of workplace injuries, deaths and compensation claims in Australia.


  • 43% of all serious injuries involve traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon injury.


  • The median amount of compensation paid for a serious claim is $10,800.


Understand your workplace injury


Your GP or physiotherapist will possibly be the first point of contact after you have had an injury. It’s important for you know what’s wrong with your body so that you understand how we treat the problem. Broadly speaking there are two types of injuries.


  • Soft tissue injuries: injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your body. You might know these as sprains, strains, pulled hamstrings or a twisted ankle.
  • Bone injuries: Injuries to the bone including fractures, micro-cracks and dislocations.
  • A bone injury will generally require intervention by a doctor or specialist, along with a splint or cast for the healing of the bone.
  • Physiotherapists are specialised in helping with soft tissue injuries of many kinds, rehabilitation after being immobilised in a cast or brace, recovering after surgery, as well as the treatment of conditions where chronic pain is a symptom.

Three stages of healing: how we can help  


Acute Inflammatory Phase: Day 1-7

Acute inflammation often gets a bad wrap, but this kind of inflammation is a good thing – it’s actually the tissue healing itself after being injured. In week one you will experience pain, redness, swelling and heat at the injured location of your body. This is the body going through its normal healing processes. The same thing happens after surgery as well.


Physiotherapy during this phase focuses on education regarding management of your condition and controlling the inflammation. Maroubra Road Physiotherapy will help you to understand this phase of healing and what to expect during this stage.


Fibroblastic Repair/Subacute Phase: From as early as day 4, up to 6 weeks


Once inflammation settles down, your body will begin to lay down collagen which is a type of scar tissue that is less flexible than normal tissue in this area. During this phase you may start to feel better and return to your former level of physical activity.It is possible that  you may experience a set-back in your progress because your body isn’t quite ready. Physiotherapy treatment during this phase is focused on regaining full range of motion, joint and scar tissue mobilisation and exercises to promote re-alignment of the collagen fibres.


Remodelling Phase: 2-3 weeks, up to months or years


After this your healing will progress. The tissue in your injury area will have improved in quality and strength. During this phase, adding stress to the tissues is important to realign the fibres along the proper lines of stress. This will mean that the tissues will accommodate to increased pressure placed on them.  During this phase, Maroubra Road Physiotherapy will focus on regaining your full range of motion and improving strength through exercise and gradually increasing resistive loads.


Good to remember


  • You should always listen to the advice of your physiotherapist. Each treatment, exercise and piece of advice will be tailored to meet your injury, stage of healing and personal circumstances.


  • You should also follow the advice of SIRA, the NSW government’s guidelines on return to work policies for employers and employees. Check out their guide.


Don’t rush treatments with a physiotherapist


It’s essential that you don’t rush your treatment with a physio. At Maroubra Road Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on taking our time and offering hands on treatments and exercises. These easy to follow exercises will help to promote your body’s healing and ongoing wellbeing. We work closely with you to tailor your treatment to your individual needs, and use techniques that will best suit you and your situation.


A workplace injury can be challenging to manage without the right help. Maroubra Road Physiotherapy offer specialised physiotherapy that helps workplace injuries. Call us today on (02) 9314 3888.


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