The neck is made up of seven bones (vertebrae) which are stacked up on each other, with cushions (discs) in between the vertebrae. The bones are held together by ligaments, and are supported by muscles, which also provide movement for the neck.

Your neck’s main job is to support and move your head. Because the neck is so mobile, it is also very vulnerable to injury. Poor posture (for example in front of a computer), trauma (like a whiplash injury) and degenerative changes (such as arthritis) are amongst the most common causes of neck pain. Factors like stress and cold weather can then worsen the pain.

A physiotherapist can help identify the cause of your pain, and then discuss the best course of treatment. Our physiotherapists use a wide variety of manual techniques to help relieve your pain, and will also advise you on how best to manage and look after your neck in the long-term. This might include exercises, postural advice or changes to your workstation or sleeping positions. Whether your neck pain started suddenly a few days ago or has been there for years, a physiotherapist can often make a tremendous difference.

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