Whether your occupation is sedentary or active you may experience a variety of musculoskeletal aches and pains during your working life. Common complaints amongst sedentary patients include postural related lower back and neck pain, and over-use injuries such as wrist, elbow and shoulder pain from repetitive use of a keyboard, mouse and phone. For people who have a more active occupation or for those who spend many hours in standing positions completing repetitive tasks, injuries such as lower back strains and neck pain are common.

Physiotherapy can treat these types of injuries through a combination of manual therapy and soft tissue release techniques and exercise based rehabilitation to prevent re- occurrence of the injury. Another important part of managing work related injuries is assessment of your work situation.

Our physiotherapists will point out possible flaws in your workstation setup and postural alignment when performing certain tasks, such as lifting, driving, climbing, repetitive activities or prolonged sedentary positions. We will advise you on correct workstation ergonomics and teach you postural awareness; appropriate pause exercises; and strength and endurance exercises. This will enable you to cope better with the demands placed on your body; help you return to work as soon as possible; and help prevent further injury.

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